Works with lifts from creation to maintenance


Our company provides several types of services that are associated with different types of elevators and elevator equipment. For we should go to if you need a job related to:

  • Selection of passenger and freight elevators - we are ready to offer the model of their own making, as well as products known foreign and domestic brands.
  • Installation of lifts - Installation is carried out as soon as possible, but with strict observance of installation technology.
  • Maintenance and repair of elevators - contact us in case of large and small failures, as well as when it is important to extend the life of the elevator machinery.
  • Dispatching elevator equipment - this service allows longer maintain the elevators in working condition.

Services we provide professionals with the knowledge and experience have everything necessary for a successful installation or repair of elevator equipment. With such works can avoid downtime technology, and improve their security.

Feel free to contact us if you need the services of electrical engineering at the elevators, or any other professional. We guarantee a prompt response to every request, a professional approach and the result that you expect. (100%)

Since we are already working Company:

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