Elevators and lifts are known to mankind since the days of ancient Greece. Safety they become recently - only in the nineteenth century. But technological progress does not stand still - modern lifts combine a high level of comfort, beauty and adaptability. However, apart from the obvious positive aspects of progress has brought another benefit - the cost of the elevator dropped significantly, making it very affordable equipment.

So how much does the elevator cost?

We offer lifts, both domestic and European production. They are divided into several groups depending on the price and application:

  • Budget (economy class) - here at the price of lead lifts production plant "Mogilevliftmash" Belarus. Prices start from 10,000 EUR and above. These elevators tend to buy houses in the economy class, which is important for the low price of a flat square meter.
  • Higher cost (standard class) - the price of such lifts slightly higher than budget due to a more expensive cabin interior and extra features. These lifts are available in standard sizes (and thus for them a good price) and are suitable for residential class above economy class. Here leaders of domestic elevators are Otis, Mogilevliftmash, from European - lifts production of Bulgaria, Greece
  • Prestige (business class) - lifts with high-quality interior finishes (stainless steel), inverter main machine (smooth start-stop) and the cabin doors (doors are closed in the lift smoothly and quietly), with LCD panels and challenges indicators floors and etc. In this segment, the best price and equipment are Liftkom elevators, ThyssenKrupp (Bulgaria).
  • Suite (elite class) - non-standard elevators with non-standard size car and landing, with the road finished cabin, each option is selected separately (such as flooring - granite, handrail specially shaped enclosure of a painted stainless steel, transparent panoramic door, etc.). The price of such lifts starts at 30,000 euro and each lift must be ordered individually.

By type of main drive, elevators are divided into electrical and hydraulic. Price hydraulic lifts less at 1500-2000 euro, but they are applicable only for 6-7 floors.

If you decide to purchase a lift, the price will depend on many factors. Therefore, in order to get an accurate cost to the elevator, it is necessary to know:

  • What type of lift is required for you? Passenger, cargo, maybe a cottage or a lift for the disabled.
  • What is the maximum load capacity of the lift you want?
  • What is the speed of the elevator is acceptable to you?
  • What a finish cabin and shaft doors
  • What are the requirements for the most lift (fire resistance, quietness, speed, etc.)

In order to get the cost of your lift suggest you to fill in our online questionnaire, send a request by mail по почте or contact our managers by phone 044 592 08 86. We guarantee that you will get the lowest price on the lift you are interested in the shortest possible time.