Spare parts for elevators

As with any high-tech equipment, subject to periodic depreciation, lifts and lifting devices require systematic maintenance, and eventually - repairs and upgrades.


Spare parts for overhaul

A thorough overhaul of the elevator should be based on the load on the equipment every 5-15 years. Naturally, the key contributor to the expedient repair and the continued satisfactory operation are high-quality parts for elevators. In this case, the replacement of working parts may relate to both the main propulsion machinery and auxiliary parts, doors, coupe cockpit checks and speed limiters.


With us you can order any spare parts to any trade mark of elevators, such as:

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Benefits of upgrading to the full replacement of the elevator

If the operating life of the elevator coming to an end, not necessarily looking for a complete replacement of the equipment, it will be enough for him to order upgrades, which will extend the time for another eighteen years.


The main part of the lift, which needs to be updated, it is the management station. Due to the rapid development of microprocessor technology, the modernization of the control station is always relevant. Do not forget also about the design of the cabin - new finishes, mirrors and handles make moving around in the elevator more pleasant and unobtrusive.


Work on the upgrade take place on site. For as soon as possible to replace individual components of the elevator on the newer and more modern, which significantly extends the life of the lift. Modernization of the elevator does not affect the speed, capacity and kinematic diagram of the device.


In the process of modernization of the elevator can be activated and re-design cabin, making it more modern and secure. Of course, parameters such as elevator braking, acceleration and speed of movement will remain unchanged.

Preferring the complete replacement of the elevator upgrade it, you can save a significant amount, increasing the life of the lift up to 18 years. Why choose the upgrade:

  • Save up to 40% of funds in comparison with the full replacement of the elevator;
  • Fast delivery of necessary components;
  • It is possible to proceed in steps;
  • The shortest time of construction;
  • Increases in the choice of design and Coupe cockpit doors. As a result, you get:
  • Improved operation of the elevator;
  • saving of electricity (25%);
  • The accuracy of the stops;
  • Silent movement;
  • High comfort for passengers;
  • Reliability and safety of working devices;
  • Longer life (up to 18).


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