Small freight elevators

The need for small freight elevators each year increases and it is not surprising, because earlier, if there was a need for this equipment, it is only in the catering and administrative offices. Today, small freight elevators have become a real necessity for cafes, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, business centers and private homes have many other places. Also there is the active penetration of small freight elevators within the scope of an individual building, the equipment makes the house according to the spirit of modernity and of course more comfortable, because it is more convenient to pick up the bags from the garage on a small freight elevator.


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We offer lifting equipment of the very well-known manufacturer of the German company "SKG". Lift equipment manufactured by "SKG" have very high quality. We do not only deliver small freight elevators, but also make installation and commissioning of the equipment..
The standard equipment of small freight elevators:

  • finishing the cabin door of stainless steel
  • heating and lighting of the cabin, protection against dust and water
  • possible go-throw cabin, unloaded on three sides
  • non-standard location of the engine room
  • the mechanism of the fall of the cab
  • lock the doors open of the mine in the absence of cabin
  • low-voltage circuit safety
  • microprocessor-based control station
  • frequency control of the main drive
  • automatic doors
  • remote control
Technical characteristics
Cabin width,
Cabin depth,
Cabin height,
Size of mine,
Size of mine,
50-250 500-1000 500-1000 600-1200 1300x1150 2 - 5

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