Hospital elevators

The main objective of the hospital elevator - to provide the most comfortable ride for patients of medical institutions.


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  • first of all, it's smooth, quiet motion with maximum acceleration during acceleration and deceleration of 1 m\s2.
  • the hospital lift provides transportation of patients in beds, the width of the door at least 900mm, and the cabin is deep, with dimensions of at least 1100x2100 mm.
  • for better comfort, the cabin is equipped with a special folding chair, horizontal rails with integrated controls.

In addition, in the case of hospital elevators, we suggest the use of a control system that transporting sick gives priority mission, ignoring calls from the intermediate floors along the way.



Технические характеристики
Model Capacity, kg Number of passengers, people Rate, m/s Cabin dimensions width x depth, mm Door`s width, mm Size of mine width x depth, mm Dimensions of the machine room width x depth, mm Depth of the pit, mm Height of the upper floor, mm Power of motor, Kw
SL 600/1.0 600 8 1.0 1200X2300 1200 1950X2700 2700X4000 1400 3600  
SL 1275/1.0 1275 13 1.0 1200X2300 1000 2000X2700 3800X4000 1400 3800 12
or project of your mines, but only in accordance with EN81

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