Here you can order escalators and travelators. Escalators "STEELINE" provide you the convenience and speed of movement. The use of new materials with high quality and new technologies in the production of escalators provide an absolute guarantee of safety, reliability, durability and stability of motion.

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Full standard product, a beautiful form, the construction of living escalators linings with a beautiful blend of engineering, providing easy and quick to use and maintain escalators.

  • Height from 2.0 to 9.0 m
  • The width of steps 600, 800 or 1000mm
  • Angle of 30 and 35 degrees
  • Smooth lines and contours of a more attractive appearance
  • Escalator more comfortable for passengers
  • The low cost of setting up and maintenance
  • High security and reliability

Benefits of our escalators


Silent drive “Siemens”

Automatic lubrication, which is controlled by the CPU of the main controller

Durable rubberized aluminum rollers


Options for rail

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