You can buy an elevator and elevator equipment of the Liftkom, Technos, Thyssenkrupp, Otis, Shindler, Kleamann, Doppler, Monitor, Vimec brands from us. Kyiv and all Ukraine

Elevator - a great invention of mankind, without which it would have been impossible today's progress in the field of engineering and construction technologies, would be impractical construction of multi-storey buildings (who wants to walk up to the thirtieth floor?). It would be impossible, by the way, and the improvement of living conditions for the entire population.


Liftkom company established in 2001. in the Bulgarian town of Shumen. Since the inception of Liftkom proved to be a dynamic company, the subject of activity - manufacture of elevators, supply, installation, serviznoe maintenance of elevators, escalators, and wheelchair travalatorov platforms. To ensure quality and safe use of their products, Liftkom implemented the necessary standards for ISO 9001:2008 by TUV, and approved by the modulo N, the Directive 95/16/EC.

A high level of technical equipment enables us to produce quality items at a global level. Liftkom uses metalworking machines and equipment for laser cutting of parts of the company Bystronic - Switzerland.

Management Policy Liftkom throughout the years has led to the following positive results:

ThyssenKrupp approved Liftkom the supply of components and lifting equipment.



Plant Technos was founded in 1993 and is located in Bulgaria. To date, elevators Technos supplied and successfully operate in 15 European countries. Here in Ukraine lifts production Technos opted for the customers such as the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the international network of Eye Microsurgery "Medicus", hotel "Kozacky" m.Nezalezhnosti Kiev, SC Epitsentr network, MHP (TM "Our Ryaba).

Lifts Technos have the following advantages:

Buying lift Technos you pay only for the high quality components and materials and finishes, and not for the prestigious popular brand, as in other lifts.



Good quality at reasonable prices can provide a less well-known manufacturers of lifting equipment. For example, the German company ThyssenKrupp elevators is famous for the highest quality, and, significantly, has a financial turnover of several billion euros. Doppler company specializes in the production of hydraulic lifting equipment, elevators Monitor successfully compete with their more established rivals in the rich European market, and Vimec - one of the leading manufacturers of elevators and lifts for homes for people with disabilities.






In surveying the diversity of brands offering their services in the supply and installation of elevators in the first place to stop on the ancestor of industrial lifts and other lifting equipment - brand OTIS. Brand got its name from the name of the inventor of safe and lift the company's founder ElishaOtisa. Otis elevators installed in a variety of well-known high-rise buildings, including EmpireStateBuilding and
Eiffel Tower. Thus, Otis exemplify the long tradition of quality.







One of the most reliable and popular European companies producing lifts - hydraulic and electric, passenger and freight, and supplies its products to sixty countries. The company founded in Germany in the middle of the last century, because buying lifts Clement, you get a true German quality at competitive prices.


As Otis, Schindler brand got its name from the surname of a person who founded it. The company manufactures equipment for vertical transportation, including elevators, lifts, escalators, and is one of the three world leaders in the market of the lift equipment. Schindler Elevator manufactured in Switzerland, China and India.

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