Double-deck elevator   A double-deck elevator or double-deck lift is an elevator with two cars attached together, one on top of the other. This allows passengers on two consecutive floors to be able to use the elevator simultaneously, significantly increasing the passenger capacity of an elevator shaft. Such a scheme can prove efficient in buildings where the volume of traffic would normally have a single elevator stopping at every floor. An example, a passenger may board one elevator (which serves only odd-numbered floors) on the third floor while another passenger may board another elevator (which serves even-numbered floors) on the fourth floor. The elevator serving even floors is actually on top of the elevator serving odd floors in the same lift shaft. When a...
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The Santa Justa Lift also called Carmo Lift is an elevator/lift in civil parish of Santa Justa, in the historical city of Lisbon, situated at the end of Rua de Santa Justa. It connects the lower streets of the Baixa with the higher Largo do Carmo (Carmo Square.) Since its construction, the Lift has become a tourist attraction for Lisbon as, among the urban lifts in the city, Santa Justa is the only remaining vertical one.   The Santa Justa Lift was designed by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, an engineer born in Porto to French parents. In 1896, Raoul Mesnier petitoned for the concession of this project, in order to establish the Escadinhas de Santa Justa, a request that was contested by Henry Lusseau.   It is included on the historical guides of Lisbon, within the down ...
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