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Since 2003, the company "STEELINE" is the operator of lifting equipment supply market of Ukraine. We supply the following equipment: passenger elevators, freight elevators, cargo elevators, hydraulic elevator, panoramic lifts, elevators, cottages, small freight elevators, automobile elevators, escalators and other lifting equipment from world famous brands, as well as offer passenger and small freight elevators of domestic production.

Our design office for 5 years is continuously developing and introducing into production newer elevators and sophisticated solutions that allow you to meet any customer requirements. On all elevators, escalators the company "STEELINE" provide a responsible guarantee, after- guarantee and after-sales service.

Our company "STEELINE" provides: installation of lifts, service lifts, maintenance lifts, and in addition we can order the dispatching of elevators, we are working with all regions of Ukraine, as we have offices and assembly units in all major cities. Due to this, the company ""STEELINE"" is ready to offer our customers the best delivery and installation of elevators, as well as timely and quality after-sales service of elevators, escalators. Here you can order and buy a new elevator at the best price.

We will help you choose the best lifting equipment, as well as provide all necessary technical and financial information according to the request for elevators, escalators, automatic parking. The company ""STEELINE"" has its own production of elevators in Kiev. This makes it possible to offer our customers the most advantageous price offer on the elevators, as well as provide all the necessary certificates and permits for this elevator equipment with minimum terms of production and installation of lifts.

Our elevators and escalators are working all over Ukraine at banks, shopping and entertainment centers, residential homes, hospitals, business centers, private homes, restaurants, hotels and office buildings, etc. We only offer reliable and time-tested lifting equipment, which will bring you joy and comfort in your daily life!

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